Bella Bacinos Restaurant Review

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For my assignment, I selected my much-loved Bella Bacinos restaurant. I had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful restaurant during a recent trip to Chicago, it quickly became one of my top restaurants for pizza and anything Italian. With it’s delicious spinach pizza, perfectly crunchy bruschetta, and out of this world tiramisu, Bella Bacinos is able capture my love of Italian food with its unique flavors, family environment, and online convenience. According "Doing Italian Food the Right Way: Bella Bacinos [Restaurant Review]." on Daily Urbanista, the bruschetta is a must have dish. The author, Ashley, gushed over her appetizer by stating “Love at first bite is a real thing, especially when it comes to the seasonal bruschetta,” I couldn’t agree more with this statement (Ashely). In addition, Ashley shared her delight with the Cavatappi, she wrote: “Another…show more content…
Without a doubt, Ashley and I were amalgamated when it came to our love for bruschetta, I wish I can say the same for my favorite dish, the spinach pizza. She shared that the spinach pizza missed a few marks and labeled it as tasty (1). I was very surprised, the spinach pizza is their top seller and my personal favorite, perfectly cheesy and with plenty of spinach and mushrooms. I wish she would have elaborated more as too what missed marks the pizza had and how it compared to other deep dish pizzas in Chicago. All things considered, the Bella Bacinos review was very positive and engaging, with plenty of appetizer and dish ideas. I would have liked to see further explanation on the restaurant’s wait and cook times, at times the restaurant is so busy that seating can exceed 30 minutes and pizza cooking time an additional 45 minutes. Therefore, they conveniently allow guests to place orders or reservations online. If only they can start shipping frozen pizzas, I would be the first one to place an
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