Human Trafficking In Pakistan

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Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling:
By global convention, human trafficking and smuggling of migrants are considered as two different phenomenon. Migrant smuggling is acquiring the illegal entry of a person into a state of which person is not a permanent and national resident. This smuggling is done in order to obtain financial benefits. Human trafficking is defined as the act of employing, transporting, moving or receiving persons for the sake of exploitation, by threatening force, abduction, coercion, deception, fraud, or misuse of power against them, or by giving and getting benefits and payments to those who control them. In exercise both migrants smuggling and human trafficking can be much harder to differentiate. An example might
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Generally human smuggling to and from Pakistan includes women and children for sex business, bonded labour and child labour. In Pakistan migrants smuggling is more dominant than other forms of human smuggling and it involves illicit emigration to Middle East and Europe. Pakistan also serve as a transit country for illegal emigration of Afghans to Middle East, Europe and lesser extent to Australia. An estimate of the business in this market of smuggling of migrants and human trafficking in and from Pakistan are about US$107…show more content…
It comprises the ranges consisting of Stinger missiles to machine, mortars, grenade and rocket propelled. As UNODC points out, that SALW are different from other trafficking of goods because arms or weapons are durable goods. Once a weapon is produced it can last forever. Many of the weapons send for cold war in developing countries, are still in function and contributing to rebellions and armed up risings. In addition to old weapons new weapons are constantly produced at the rate of about 8 million units per year. In year 2004 SALW production occurred in 1,249 companies based in 90 countries around the world. The small arms survey estimates that there are about 900 million SALW in flow around the world, and approximately $3 billion are in legal trade including (accessories, parts, and ammunition). At this proportion, the annual value of illegal arms business can be approximated around $300 to $600 million. More reports gives the information about $1 billion for this illicit trade. So based on these facts the illegal trade of SALW to be in between $300 million and $1 billion. Another survey provide the information about 12 of the top fifteen manufacturing countries exported over $100
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