Benefits Of Raw Food Diet

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What is Raw Food Diet?
Raw Food Diet means getting the majority of nutrients that your body requires from eating more of easy-to-digest raw foods. It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and so on. You can give your oven a day off with a Raw Food Diet. However, you don't need to go completely raw… Just slip in a good amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily meal.
Benefits of Raw Food Diet
You can reap great health benefits out of this diet. There are several studies to shore up that this diet got the following benefits;
Provides dietary fibers and thus improves digestion.
Lowers inflammation – Certain fruits and vegetables are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
Provides nutrition – There are certain vitamins and minerals
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It totally depends on you what you are going to dine on for this diet isn't restricted to fresh produce only. You can have fermented foods, sprouting grains, fish, dairy products and even meat. However, the general rule that administers the diet is that you cannot include anything that has been prepared with chemical fertilizers, food additives or cultivated using synthetic pesticides. It shouldn’t be pasteurized or even homogenized. In short, no processed or packaged food that you get handy at your local grocery…show more content…
Take baby steps and maintain a healthy eating habit. A slow transition would help you better.
Raw Food Diet v/s Vegan Diet
Raw Food and Vegan Diet got many things in common. But, one thing that discriminates Raw food diet is that you can actually consume animal products, but uncooked. It includes unprocessed dairy products as well as raw meat, fish and egg. However, you can also include some cooked animal foods. It is basically about consuming unprocessed, nutritional foods in their natural form.
On other hand, vegans don't have any animal food at all. So they miss out quite a lot of those nutrients that are available in animal products. For example, fish is most rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health. Further, you can include only a few cooked victuals in your diet. Sustaining and leading a healthy life on this diet is really hard.
Whatsoever, settling with a raw vegan approach is not suggested for you will run low on major nutrients. Those nutrients are also available in plant-based foods but don't supply all the essential nutrients that our body needs. Sadly, our body can't even produce those on its

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