Benefits Of Year-Round Schooling

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Over the past twenty years, year-round schooling has grown by 544%, now around 10% of kids go to schools where there is year-round schooling (Statistic Brain). When students hear about year-round schooling, they automatically think about the summer break and that they won’t have that. They often forget about the many benefits that year-round schooling offers. There are plenty of reasons year-round schooling is better, it can solve overcrowding, the loss of information over summer break, better academic achievement during the school year, and many more. The school system was designed over a 100 years ago when parents needed their kids to work the fields in the summer. That is the only reason that we have a nine month school year and it’s not…show more content…
For students, summer is a time for fun and a break from the dreaded school. The problem with that is students lose knowledge that they learned from the past year during the summer resulting in more time catching up the next year. On average, students and teachers spend six weeks during the fall making up for skills they lost during the summer. Those six weeks could be used much more efficiently for the students. Another astonishing fact is that one month of learning is lost every summer on average, especially math which loses around 2.6 months of learning every summer. The amount of work that students put in every school year should be lasting. If there is not a change in the traditional school year, students will continue to fall behind. This is why year-round schooling would be so beneficial. In year-round schooling, there is no time where students get out for more than 30 days. The students get out for 30 days during the summer which is the longest break. During year-round schooling, students usually go for 45 days and then get fifteen days off. The reason that would be favorable is because students wouldn’t lose any information over those fifteen days. There would be no more six weeks every fall for students to catch up and there would be a lot less students falling…show more content…
Education should be learning throughout the year so that there isn’t a loss of information. Year-round schooling is on the rise for a reason. It works. Year-round schooling provides an increase in academic achievement, better attendance rate, and it can solve overcrowding. The nine month school year is outdated and year-round schooling is the best solution for that problem. Although some people may believe that kids need summer break to relax and get a break from school, they would get plenty of breaks during year-round schooling. Students would go the same amount of days per year as the normal nine month schedule, the main difference being kids wouldn’t lose valuable information increasing their chances of having success in the

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