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Sasser (2004) states that the origins of Benihana of Tokyo can be traced back to 1935, when Rock’s father, Yunosuke Aoki, launched his first restaurant in Japan. The restaurant was named after the small red flower that grew wild in an area close to the restaurant, known as Benihana. Hiroaki (Rocky) Aoki landed into the United States in 1959 as an Olympic wrestler, although having high hopes concerning business opportunities available in America as compared to Japan. He proceeded to get enrolled in the School of Restaurant Management at New York City College, thinking that he would never go hungry in the restaurant business. His launch of a systematic analysis of US restaurant market made him realize that Americans were extremely suspicious…show more content…
These formed a conception that comprises foodstuff, environmental considerations, customer entertainment and hospitable servicing in its determination to maintain consistency with their Japanese culture. In addition, the proprietor is planning development steps to expand to a broader variety of customers. On the other hand, Hiroaki Aoki has two main issues troubling him in his efforts to achieve the restaurants’ objectives. The first issue is the means of achieving sustainable expansion and upgrade of his product sales and services rendered to clients. This is in line with a determination to cater for an extensive variety of audience, though maintaining the quality and the Japanese cultural environment. Secondly, the other issue involved in the case the criteria of defining what Benihana is actually selling to…show more content…
Generally, it is recommended for a company to define its value proposition and its position in the market in advance of its actual decision on customer target market chosen for service. In its service design, it is critical to ensure that every service idea is preceded by a service conception. This involves the definition of the purpose of the service delivery, target market and the customer experience for a successful goal achievement. According to Benihana dining concept, Rocky centered his target on two criteria of winning the loyalty of the American customers while taking their dinner. These included the art of exotic environment and thrilling entertainment during dinner. In addition, an assessment of Benihana production system design comes along with the design of the restaurant space that all redirects to the services rendered to

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