Benito Mussolini Sources

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A.Identification and Evaluation of Sources
What was the most significant reason for Mussolini’s rise to power? This paper will analyze the reasons for Benito Mussolini’s rise to power. Although, there is an abundance of sources for this topic the most beneficial of the resources is the book is a secondary source called IL Duce The Rise & Fall of Benito Mussolini by Richard B. Lyttle. This book source is noteworthy because it provides great insight to the details on the March on Rome event, such as the phases that March on Rome consisted of. Another notable source was the book Mussolini by Laura Fermi which is secondary source. It is notable due to the fact that it provides great insight into the activities of the Socialists and how they created …show more content…

Mussolini organised that the March on Rome because it was necessary due to the fact that a purley parliamentary settle to the catastrophe in Italy that had grown would be opposing to the attentiveness of Fascism. The first phase consisted of starting at dawn on the 28th of October, on this day Blackshirts of hundreds of cities would strike, they would have to take over the post offices, police headquarters, railroad stations, and military barracks. The second phase, consisted of the men who were available, to be dispatched to their assigned attack centers and to wait for orders to head to rome. These men would be Blackshirts who are Fascists and they would march along Tyrrhenian Sea, going towards Rome, this is significant because the Blackshirts would show Mussolini as gaining power since people would make his event a reality. The prime minister at the time of Italy which was Luigi Facta he did nothing to stop these phases while they were occuring, which led to King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy to see the Fascists as a resolution due to the fact that Mussolini pledged to conserve the monarchy, leading to Mussolini gaining more power in Italy due to the March on Rome not being stopped. Although it is said Facta did nothing to stop the march, Facta ordered for the prefect of Milan to arrest Mussolini for the march, they refused this …show more content…

Since Mussolini used his blackshirts who are Fascists to help make the event a reality, which shows him as a man with power. The March on Rome also helped the Facta government to resign, which helps to put Mussolini in the prime minister position. Another, significant reason is the activities of the Socialists and how they helped create a fear of Bolshevism, due to Mussolini using it to his advantage in a way to rise to

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