Biographical Essay The Franks: Hidden For Two Years

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The Franks: Hidden For Two Years
For writing this essay, I was sparked by my continuous interest for the Holocaust and how the Frank family got through these terrible experiences. When I was in the 4th grade, we researched who was a part of the hiding and did projects on the whole story and I instantly wanted to know more. It interested me how a normal group of people could be this courageous and daring during a time where everything is collapsing in their lives. My goal for this essay is to inform you on how the hiding of the Frank family is a very significant part of our history that should be remembered for centuries.
Life Before Hiding The Frank family consisted of four members, Otto, Edith, Margot, and Anne. They lived in Frankfurt-on-Main, …show more content…

Their hiding location is “a secret apartment behind her father’s business in German-occupied Amsterdam” ( This apartment has a front door which is concealed by a moving bookcase, with the help of Mr. Kugler 's idea and Mr. Voskuijl’s carpentry work. It would give the Franks a better chance of not being found, and make the Nazis never suspect a thing. The Annex was fairly large, had multiple rooms/a full kitchen, and was accustomed to fit two families which would later on be useful for their time in hiding. After a week in hiding, the Van Pels joined the Franks in hiding. Their family included Hermann and Auguste, along with their son Peter. This was Otto’s original idea, and he thought that having another family in the apartment would lessen the tension between everyone. It turns out, them taking up the empty space wasn’t such a good idea with the results of stress and fighting. The Franks didn’t let this keep them from making another decision that again affected the others, because they soon let Fritz Pfeffer join the hiding. This caused roommates to be switched, like how Margot had to move into the bedroom with her parents and Anne now had to share a room with Fritz. Anne often was upset about more people in the Annexe, but it was something they had to do to keep their friends and family

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