Biographical Summary Of Jane Austen

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Biographical Summary Jane Austen was born in southern England, where her childhood and family greatly influenced her literary works. Her father was a preacher in their countryside and raised his children very affectionately. There was a total of eight Austen children, and Jane was one of only two daughters, causing her and her sister to be very close. It is said that Austen picked up Latin from overhearing her father tutor young men, and Reverend Austen often read to his children. By age six Austen was writing verses, and at age fourteen she had completed her work Love and Friendship. Madam Lefroy, a neighbor of the Austen’s, who wrote and published poetry, supported Jane’s education. For two years, Austen attended boarding school to learn what was regarded as the essentials to being a good wife. Austen never married, however she did fall in love with Madam Lefroy’s nephew. Madam Lefroy did not approve of her nephew marrying Austen who had no money, so she sent her nephew away; this situation is very similar to one in Pride and Prejudice. She apparently did have a proposal to marry which she accepted because of the man’s economical and social status, but soon withdrew because of the lack of actual love. This is yet another theme she brought into her novels. It is said that she was deeply upset when her father moved the family to Bath, as she hated the urban setting, and she wrote very little there. Austen mocked her society’s beliefs, and she is known for her humorous and

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