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Modern patient care revolves around not just the skill of the doctor, but technology as well. When the equipment is running correctly, it allows the docs to do their job to the best of their ability. With the most accurate diagnostic equipment at the docs' disposal, the patients have a better chance at survival and recovery. When things are running smoothly around the facility and nothing is broken, the biomedical maintenance flight technicians use the time to perform routine preventative maintenance on all the equipment. They also provide the medics with training on how to properly use new equipment to prevent user error.
The Biomedical engineering department functions and provides engineering services to a clinical environment supporting technology, clinicians and the patient technology interface to reduce risks, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient care in a cost effective manner. This is accomplished via cost effective maintenance, repair and acquisition of all clinical technology, and proper management of clinical technology resources. It is the goal of the Biomedical
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The Biomedical Engineering Services is responsible for testing, repairing, and maintaining in proper and safe operating condition, the hospital’s diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
1.2.2 Functions:
Major functions of Biomedical Engineering are to:
a) Perform installation, preventive and corrective maintenance, and special request service on clinical equipment owned, and/or used within the hospital in compliance with regulatory agencies.
b) Provide pre-purchase evaluations of new technology and equipment.
c) Assist clinical departments with service contract analysis, negotiations and management.
d) Provide coordination of clinical equipment installations including, planning, scheduling, and oversight.
e) Conduct device incident

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