Black Friday Consumerism Minus Civilization

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Is Black Friday Shopping For Everyone? Who loves to find inexpensive products during the holiday season? In our society, thousands of people love to take advantage of these sales, but Andrew Leonard believes differently. He wrote, “Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization,” first appeared on Salon, a news website, where he argued that Black Friday is taking away from Thanksgiving. Leonard begins building his credibility with numerous scenarios where people were beyond their mind shopping for low priced products. He appeals towards the readers’ emotions to encourage them to stay away from these crazy and insane people. Spend quality time with your family, instead of worrying about products that will still be there later. He strengthens his argument by stating that not going out will help you be a better person, this is another way he used emotions. Leonard expresses himself to his readers as if he believes that Black Friday should take place at a different time. His argumentative essay is ineffective and not accurate because he uses ad populum, and is strictly all about his feelings. In his article, Leonard first begins by comparing Thanksgiving to Black Friday. He believes that Black Friday is taking away from quality time with our families. He continues to discuss the ways people act while shopping on this day. Possible solutions to the problem, Leonard suggests, include making Black Friday later to avoid having it take over Thanksgiving. He also suggests that we should
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