Black Rights Movement Research Paper

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Where would everyone be if there weren 't Black Rights movements. The Black Rights movements changed the way most Americans thought about race interactions. If these important changes hadn 't occurred, the world would be would be in even a worst condition than it already is. There would still be segregation in restaurants and on the bus. Most black and white children would be going to different schools and colleges. What a terrible way to build a community and possible friendships. Some Supreme Court decisions have had a great impact on many people: Dred Scott vs Sanford, Plessy vs. Ferguson, and Shelly vs. Kraemer. These three Supreme Court judgements have had a great impact on many people.

The Dred Scott vs. Sanford is about a slave …show more content…

Ferguson is about a 7/8 white man who rode the wrong bus. At the time the case was created there was a separate everything for colored people and white people. Who start the case was Plessy who got In trouble for riding the white bus. The case caused a lot of comtion in America. Unfortunately Plessy was born in the wrong time because the case lost. Many years later things were not seprated the case most likely helped a little with that.

(Plessy vs. Ferguson)

The Shelley vs. Kraemer case was about a black person owning land. Black people weren 't aloud to own property. Shelley bought a house but it was against the law to sell property to black people. The importance to this case is that it changed the law for black people. The case had won , because it over didn 't go good with the amendment. The case was a big deal because at the end of it black people got more rights because it didn 't over rule the 14th amendment.

(Shelley vs. Kraemer)

The modifications made were revolutionary and riled up a lot of white American citizens. However, these frustrations were, for the most part, worked through over time and helped turn our great country into the land of equality that it is today. Heroic men, for example the Dr. Martin Luther King, gave their lives for this fundamental cause. The commotion it created guaranteed a future where both races could interact together. The world has changed for the better as a result of the Black Rights

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