Blood In The Simpson Case

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Blood was also found on a pair of socks located in Simpson’s closet (“O.J. Simpson Civil Trial”). Following several tests, the results showed that DNA matching Simpson and Nicole’s. The prosecution deemed this a direction link to Simpson and the victims. However, the defense once again believed the socks were placed by the police. They stressed the point that the blood was soaked through the sock from one side to another. This could not have happened if Simpson was wearing the sock. However, these socks were also sent to the lab and tested for EDTA and once again, the results came back negative (Augenstein). The blood found on Simpson’s Bronco also played an important role during the trial. The blood spot was located on the driver’s side of the vehicle by the door handle (“O.J. Simpson Civil Trial”). Blood was also found on the inside of the vehicle. After testing, results showed a mixture of Simpson, Nicole, and Goldman’s DNA. The prosecution used this information to accuse Simpson of using the vehicle to drive to and from the crime scene. As before, the defense tried to challenge the DNA evidence. The DNA of …show more content…

On October 2, the jury deliberated their decision. After only four hours of deliberation, Simpson’s fate was decided (The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson). The next day, October 3, the whole country sat in anticipation as Simpson’s verdict would finally be revealed (Avila). The trial lasted a total of two hundred and fifty-two days and cost the Los Angeles county nearly $9 million (The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson). This included the cost of the courts and prosecution, but not the defense. As the words “not guilty” rang through the courtroom, they traveled across the country as well (O.J.: Made In America). While some individuals celebrated in the streets, others protested and

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