Book Of Negroes Reflection

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The novel The Book of Negroes is full of details, characters, and events, while the television series falls short to the novel. Six episodes to cover nearly five hundred pages doesn’t seem likely. The main storyline was followed, yet smaller moments were swept under the rug or shadowed by larger events. I enjoyed the television series, yet the novel was still my favourite. The series made too many small changes that changed my feelings. If I hadn’t read the novel, I would’ve thought the television series was great. The actors and actresses in the television series portray each character beautifully, in my opinion. Though the main cast isn’t as large as it should be, the few characters we see continuously leave a mark on the viewer. Minor …show more content…

If they had a couple more episodes, Aminata’s travels would’ve seemed more realistic than it did. The journey from Bayo to the ocean lasted a couple months, but the television series made it seem like only a week or so had passed. One of my favourite interactions in the novel are the ones between Aminata and Mamed, when he taught her to read and write and continued the teachings of her father. Aminata received books from him and worked on her speech patterns. While working, Mamed was mean and strict, but while teaching, he was kind and understanding. I’m upset that he wasn’t in the television series, but he wasn’t necessary in Aminata’s journey. Instead, Georgia taught Aminata. The Book of Negroes displays slave trade and slavery in a light that doesn’t romanticize it and I appreciate that. It still managed to educate me on historical events while keeping the story interesting and meaningful. In my opinion, the novel is better, but the television series is also worth it. If you haven’t read the novel, I do suggest it, but read it after watching the show. Then you won’t be disappointed when events are changed or characters don’t appear. I would say the television series is worth 8 babies, so at least two weeks living with Solomon

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