Bowling For Columbine Analysis

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A gun, like almost every object, has the power to kill. Yet the gun is merely the instrument of death and destruction, only human beings are capable of pulling the trigger. Michael Moore is an inspirational documentarian that created Bowling for Columbine (2002) a contentious documentary that comments on the violence surrounding school shootings and gun laws that devastated America. Documentaries do not simply record the truth in a purely neutral, objectively disinterest manner” (Nowlan R 2010), but provide inspiration for social change by creating world-wide awareness of the gun laws in America and the way the American media creates fear in its people, however, his biased editing and use of film techniques did not reveal the ‘truth’, which is what you are expecting when you sit down to watch a documentary right? Through Moore’s exploration of America’s obsession with guns (would you believe a bank which gives you a free gun when you open up an account!) he presents a painful picture of a nation living in fear, fear of a foreign enemy, fear of a black planet and fear of themselves. quite astonishing. Consider this, Australia 65 shooting deaths per year, England just over 300 and the United States over 11,000. Moore sparked an enormous reaction from the public, winning an academy award one year after it was released. Bowling for Columbine prompts social change, although some aspects of the documentary are manipulated to Moore’s advantage. Bowling is deliberately, seriously,
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