Brain On Fire Book Report

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Brain on fire is a book about Susannah herself before, during, and after she gets a disease called Anti-NMDA-receptor autoimmune encephalitis. She is a twenty four year old writer for The New York Post. Her disease started out looking like bed bugs but once someone checks her house out they said that wasn’t it. She goes through many doctors telling her what she might have but then when the tests come back they say she’s fine when she’s clearly not. She went through different phases of downhill falls with this disease. At first all that was happening was she got very nervous and she had problems with certain lights and sounds. Shortly after that was happening she started experiencing seizures. Her mom and step dad and boyfriend take her to a hospital but as soon…show more content…
Her mom and dad didn't talk much before her disease because they had separated and had too many problems. Once she was starting to get the effects of the disease her mom struggled a lot becoming very overprotective and her dad tries to do as much as he can for her. Her step dad supports her mom and does anything he can to help. Her boyfriend spent his time with her as he could and he never once left her side even when she was at her worst. Many of her family and friends came to see her in her month at the hospital and didn't even recognize her but supported her and helped her as much as they could. Reading this book can open your eyes to the disasters that can start in your body and tearing you apart from the inside out. The things you discover will change the way you think about your own brain and what could happen if the slightest thing goes wrong. Don't underestimate your brain and the things it does for you. This book opened my eyes to how a problem with one person can allow lives to be changed everywhere and how what you may be going through may help so many other
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