Branch Rickey Persuasive Speech

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In 1910, Branch Rickey coached a college team with one black player. That player, Charley Thomas, was refused a hotel room with the team and had to sleep on a cot in Mr. Rickey’s room. Charley was emotionally distressed and he could not sleep. He tried to scratch off the skin of his own hands, wishing he were white, so he would feel as good as anybody. 35 years later, Branch Rickey still “…had never forgotten the agony of that black player” and wanted everyone to be treated equally. (804) By 1943 Branch Rickey was the owner of the Dodgers and used persuasive speech to convince the club directors to be the “... pioneer in bringing blacks to baseball.” (804) Branch Rickey had to find a player “... who could take abuse, name calling, rejection …show more content…

At the time Branch Rickey was looking for new players and Wendell introduced Jackie to Branch Rickey. Finally the day came when Jackie would meet Branch Rickey. Initially, Rickey asked if Jackie had a girl, because he knew the future would be extremely tough “When we get through today, you may want to call her up because there are times when a man needs a woman by his side,” Rickey stated. (807) Rickey offered Jackie a spot on the Brooklyn National League Club. Jackie felt a mixture of being scared, thrilled, excited, incredulous, and most of all speechless. Mr Rickey questioned Jackie harshly and dramatically, asking whether he had the guts. He told Jackie of his long investigation and “... had some grim words of warning.” (808) Rickey also warned “We can’t fight our way through this, Robinson. There’s virtually nobody on our side.” (808) This major step was very important to Rickey and his tone changed from business to concerning. Box scores only tell us stats, but nothing of the character of the player. “But let me tell you, it’s going to take an awful lot of courage,” he explained. (810) It was the beginning of a start in the right

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