Brave New World Diary

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In order to understand more about “Brave New World”. I decided to write a diary from Lenina’s point of view, who is the main character. This book takes place in a utopian society, which it divides itself in five castes (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon). In this society people can’t have babies, families or feelings. Lenina belongs to the Beta caste which means she is a shallow product of a materialistic society, but in her diary we can see her struggling against her caste. On her diary Lenina wanted to be loved by John and become a mother. I chose an informal tone because journals are personal and nobody is supposed to read them. The audience that I am targeting are teenagers because they have to know from a different point of view Lenina’s…show more content…
But I know what love is, love is when I see John. Is it right to feel this way? I don’t care what society thinks and I hope he feels the same way, and we could form a family. FAMILY, I don’t know what is that, but I will find the answer. June 22 Dear diary Babies are little persons. I write you this because at the lab I saw how they were created and I want one. But what if my friends feel upset with this stuff of being a mom like Linda? I don’t know how to handle this. This is my personal little secret and I hope nobody can know about it. I almost forgot to tell you, I feel bad. Do you know what John did? He tried to kill me. I can’t be with somebody that doesn’t love me. I respect and love myself. So I think that my plans with John will never become real. July 25 This is the worst day of my life, John killed himself. I feel awful because I loved him so much. I don’t know how I am going to live without him. He was my life, even though he didn’t feel the same way as I did. John, you will always be on my mind and heart. Bye my true, only and best friend, my diary. I hope you will hear my problems for the next
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