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Is breastfeeding the Right Choice? Breastfeeding is an infant is one of he most controversial issues in the society today. It is an issue that is completely misunderstood, yet it is the most natural way to feed a baby. During pregnancy, among the important decisions a mother needs to make is whether she will breastfeed her baby or not. Breastfeeding has become a matter of choice in our society today as opposed to a long time ago when formula milk was non-existent and a mother had no option other than breastfeeding her child. Before the modern era, breastfeeding was the normal procedure of feeding toddlers. Today, many mothers are oblivious to the health risks their children are exposed to due to lack of being breastfed. In addition, the companies …show more content…

In order to do this, a parent has to determine what is best for the baby, breast milk or formula milk. There is no question that breastfeeding is the best decision any mother can make for her child (Stuebe, 2009). Breast milk is said to provide the best optimal health benefits for a newborn baby. In addition, it remains to be the complete form of nutrition for infants. According Jones, children who are breastfed enjoy better health compared to those who take formula milk (2011). A mother’s milk is very important for a new born baby because, it is slowly digested, it perfectly matches with the nutrition of the baby, and the breast milk is filled with antibodies that protect the baby from infections from viruses and bacteria. Additionally, it reduces the baby’s chances of contacting asthma or any allergies. Similarly, it contains the right amount of fats, sugar, proteins and water that is needed for an infant’s growth and development. According to Jones, babies who are breastfeed are not likely to experience diaper rash, enteric upsets and ear infections (2011). This article discusses how breast milk provides the ideal nutrients for infants and how breastfeeding helps a mother to bond with the …show more content…

Mothers should choose to breastfeed their children because of the benefits for the infant. Breastfeeding helps in the infant’s growth and development as well as boosting the immune system. It is evident that breastfeeding is beneficial, both to the mother and child, however, some mothers just chose not to breastfeed their infants. According to Stuebe, formula fed infants face a higher risk of infectious morbidity, therefore, it is better for a mother to breastfeed her child in order to save him/her from infections (2009). Breastfeeding is a natural, economical, and mutually beneficial way of feeding an infant. However, a mother has a right to choose what is she feels is best for her child.
Stuebe’s article, The Risks of Not Breastfeeding for Mothers and Infants was biased because; it only dealt with the benefits of breastfeeding and the demerits of formula feeding. The author did not consider expressing his opinion on the merits of formula feeding. On the other hand, Cattaneo’s article on The benefits of breastfeeding or the harm of formula feeding was not biased at all. Cattaneo was able to look on the both sides of the argument. However, in both the articles, it is evident that, breastfeeding is the best a mother can give to the unborn

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