Brian Pillman's Controversy With Stone Cold

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In 1996, Brian Pillman was in a feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Pillman had surgery on his ankle and Austin was going to “visit” Pillman at his home. During Monday Night Raw, Kevin Kelly interviewed Pillman when Pillman pulled out a 9mm pistol. Pillman’s friends and wife were at the home. His friends did what they could to stop “Stone Cold” Steve Austin from entering Pillman’s home. Pillman held the gun up and had this glazed look in his eyes only focused on one thing, Steve Austin. Pillman’s wife was screaming and the last thing we saw was Pillman had pointed his gun at Austin and the screen went black. Once power was restored, there was more screaming, and cursing. The entire segment was very high tense. There was a reason why he

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