Broken Dreams Research Paper

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Broken Bones Fixed Dreams I dribbled the ball up the court sweat pouring down my face I looked up at the scoreboard 30 seconds left and we need 5 points to tie the game up. I heard my name. “Devonte! Devonte!” Andre screamed as he was sitting under the hoop. I know that Andre is open, but he would miss the hoop, unlike me. I dribbled towards the hoop got stop by my guy so I thrusted the ball to the basket hoping that it bounced in, but it bounced of the rim right to Andre and he shot the ball. Down by 3, 10 seconds to go, Coach O 'Neil called our last time out. “Listen here guys,” coach said, “we need to foul to stop the clock and to make them shoot free throws, if they miss them we need to run down and shoot the 3 to tie.” We walked out ready to play. The other team passed the ball in but it didn’t go to there guy it went flying over his head. I sprinted for the ball.10 seconds. 9 seconds. I finally got the ball on the other half of the floor. 8 seconds. I dribbled the ball up to half court. 7 seconds. 6 seconds I dribbled to the 3 point line. 5 seconds. 4 seconds. I shot the 3 my guy up close on me. The defender jumped attempting to block it. I landed hard on my left leg and feel to the ground. 3 seconds. 2…show more content…
Six weeks later after my broken leg I was finally ready to play again. But it’s already the championship game. My team, The Cobras have not made it to the championship until this year. To bad I didn’t help them get here. The Smoove twins Chris and Jrue have played outstanding Trevon and Andre were playing good as well but Robert and Tyron weren 't playing that good so we needed one more good guy to make this team great... And I was that guy. We won every game but one without me, the one game we lost was to the Honeybadgers. The team we were playing in the championship. The Honeybadgers have never lost, they won every single game and every single championship since our league started in 1972. (You do the math because I 'm
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