Bullying Prevention

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One of the biggest issues within the world of teaching is how to deal within bullying. Bullying has been an ongoing problems and one of those reasons lack of teacher prevention strategies. In the articles “Bullying: The impact of teacher management and trait emotional intelligence” by Jose A. Casas, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, and Rosario Del Rey, and “Teachers: A Critical But Overlooked Component of Bullying Prevention and Intervention” by Jina Yoon and Sheri Bauman, each emphasize the important role a teacher has in preventing bullying. In order to prevent issues of this kind, we as teachers, must become more involved and take action in attempting to prevent the fatalistic outcome bullying can lead too. In the article “Bullying: The impact of teacher…show more content…
They explained that bullying only thrives on the experience the teacher creates for them. If teachers put more effort into creating a zero tolerance attitude toward bullying, the difference will be noticeable. The authors report, “Specifically, Hektner and Swenson (2012) found that teachers’ responses to bullying affected the level of bullying behavior in their students, and influenced the degree to which student bystanders were willing to intervene” (2014). The authors also go into detail on how teachers feel uncertain in their role. Some teachers view bullying as a normative behavior; if that happens it can lead to more bullying because the students know their actions don’t have consequences. Contritely, teachers that integrate students and monitor their student’s behavior, bullying is less likely to…show more content…
A., Ortega-Ruiz, R., & Del Rey, R. 2015). They affirm the idea that teachers can influence the behavioral outcome they desire. Similarly, in the article “Teachers: A Critical but Overlooked Component of Bullying Prevention and Intervention,” Jina Yoon and Sheri Bauman explain. Another component of the social ecology of bullying is the nature of social experiences that the teachers create for students. In the daily events of a school, it is the teachers who are…the position to intervene when bullying occurs (Yoon, J., & Bauman, S. 2014). In the educational environment, teachers must take initiative in preventing this behavior. While these too articles are similar, they also have different approaches toward bullying. For example, the article by Jose A. Casas, Rosario Ortega-Ruiz, and Rosario Del Rey, solely discusses the impact of positive and negative classroom management. While the other article discusses the actual role of the teacher in prevention. The main idea of Jina Yoon and Sheri Bauman’s article is “teacher responses to bullying incidents reflect the larger context of classroom management…and serve as socialization experiences for potential perpetrators, victims…determining students’ future behaviors and thus social and emotional adjustment” (Yoon, J., & Bauman, S. (2014). They explain the teacher has the power to influence in and stand as an example for their students to
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