Bureaucracy In America

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The Bureaucracy in our country is largely disapproved of throughout our country. Americans are extremely critical of the Bureaucracy and claim that it is not very effective in getting the done. The Bureaucracy is expensive and ineffective, and this inefficiency stems from a variety of factors. The main problems of bureaucracy are stiff rules and regulations, impersonality, customer dissatisfaction, slow decision making and limited capabilities of workers. In the bureaucracy, selected individuals are the decision makers instead of elected authorities and representatives. The problems associated with bureaucracy in turn lead to the emergence of conflicts within the systems due to lack of control. A red tape system is unsuitable for addressing issues in unexpected situations. The world is constantly changing and needs swift decision making and reaction. Rigidity in the operation of bureaucratic systems also causes a waste of resources through duplication of duties in different areas and missed opportunities. It makes simple tasks and procedures complicated, and it eventually lacks the desired goals. Along with this problem, the American people tend to distrust the bureaucracy. This is because they feel that the bureaucracy acts too much as a business and does not properly accommodate their needs on a daily basis.…show more content…
Many would agree that the government 's bureaucracy is inefficient. People just do not trust the bureaucracy because of its rigidity and red tape. But that does not mean that it is not possible to reform it. By simply limiting appointments, making it easier to fire bureaucrats, and rotating professionals, we will easily be able to make the bureaucracy more trustworthy. A major step in reformation would be to cut the red tape, and that would open up lines of communication. Although reformation is not an easy fix, it is possible to do so if the correct steps are
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