Burmese Pythons Problem In The Florida Everglades

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The increasing population of Burmese Pythons is causing a huge problem in the Florida Everglades. They are harming the ecosystem by consuming large numbers of a variety of animals and they not only produce many eggs at a time but they also grow up to be very large, as big as 23 feet. Officials have come up with a way to solve this problem with the 2013 Python Challenge where contestants eradicate as many pythons as possible. This will keep the growing population of non-native Burmese Pythons In the Florida Everglades from threatening the ecosystem. To start off, Burmese Pythons Grow to be very large and are very intimidating, in Source 1 it says, "capable of growing to an astounding length of 23 feet and a weight of up to 200 pounds". This means they're very big and capable of eating many things. After Hurricane Andrew huge amounts of Burmese Pythons escaped to the Everglades after the hurricane ruined an exotic pet dealers warehouse and freed tons of pythons. According to Source 4, it says, "Hurricane Andrew didn't help matters. An exotic pet dealers warehouse that housed nearly 900 Burmese Pythons was destroyed, and many of its' pythons escaped". Now there are tons of Burmese Pythons in the Florida Everglades and it has raised many problems. …show more content…

This is hurting the ecosystem by wiping out all of these animals and if the Florida Everglades is going to stay intact the problem needs to be noticed. In source 2 it says, "These eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as many bird species". So the Burmese Pythons have wiped out huge numbers of animals and the problem needs to be solved. It also says in source 4, "If we want to preserve the Everglades, we have to address it". So the problem in the Florida Everglades needs to be fixed as soon as

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