Bystanders Persuasive Speech

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Say you are walking down main street on a warm, sunny day with your best friend or perhaps someone close to you ,and all of a sudden this special person collapses. If this person is very dear to you, you would definitely try and save them; especially if this person may be about to lose their life. You would not walk away or stare at your boyfriend or girlfriend if they all of a sudden stopped breathing or hurt themselves severely. So why do we do this to other people? Why is it legal for a bystander to watch as someone’s life slowly slips away when this bystander could possibly save the person in need? Although you indeed could be a complete and total stranger to the person hurt, that person is someone’s life; that person has people who love them so very much and that person has a life left to live.…show more content…
However, there is good news to come of this tragedy! Many of the paparazzi ,acting as bystanders at the scene, legally violated laws by doing nothing to try and save the passengers in the car,.The paparazzi in Paris just watched as lives slowly faded away and they got penalized for this by something known as the “Good Samaritan Law.” This law states that a person must come to the aid of someone else in severe need instead of just watching and not
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