CAUTI Thesis

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Purpose Statement

This project aims to identify approved indications for a urinary catheterization and explores teaching interventions to prevent cather associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). The teaching initiatives attempt to describe proper insertion, catheter care and prompt removal of a urinary catheter to reduce patients’ risk for catheter-associated urinary tract infection.

Background and Significant

The overview of this project is aimed to educate nursing students on cather care and prevention CAUTI in the healthcare settings. Therefore, this project relates to the purpose statement to teach nursing students how to safety assesses patients for indications of a cather, prompt removal to decrease the incidences of CAUTI.
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The needs of the academic institution are too educated nurses using evidence-based practices to enhance patients outcomes. The learning environment is warm and conducive to learning. The atmosphere is well lit, and temperature controlled regulated. Hence, the educators are experienced in their field of teaching and are very receptive to student’s concerns. The audience is a mixture of male and female nurses median age ranging from 23-45. These nurses bring a wealth of knowledge to the field of nursing because they have been working as a nurse for many years in various clinical settings such as medical, surgical, intensive care unit, operating room, and a long-term care facility. The learners are highly motivated and possess the all the characteristics that Malcolm Knowles assumptions about the adult learners have, such as, readiness to learn, need to know, self-concept, internal motivation, and problem-oriented (Bierema,…show more content…
Furthermore, the leaners readiness to learn is a crucial element that refers to how likely the person is to seek knowledge and to engage in learning behaviors. Moreover, assessing the learners need is essential in planning, teaching activities and having a supportive environment that facilitates education is critical to enhancing learning. A vital aspect of the educator is to assess the learning needs of the population, so appropriate methods can be used to facilitate the student need. Students who demonstrate readiness to learn are usually motivated and receptive to received new knowledge. According to Baierema (2014), adults learn differently from children and suggest that adults are self- directed in their learning. Adults have reached a point in their life that they see the value of an education and are ready to focus on their education. Adults are involved in the planning and evaluation of their instructions and possess experience which forms the basis of their learning activities. Furthermore, adults are most interested in learning a subject that is relevant to their job or personal life. Moreover, adult learning is problem-centered rather than content – oriented. The adult perceived needs are what the leaner self-reports of lack of
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