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Research report

Executive Summary (Summary or Abstract) The aim of this research was to investigate the marketability of a dvd boxset collection that features festivals of color such as Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and Carnival in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Research for the said festivals was conducted to ascertain knowledge for them and their respective factors, their history and their modern attributes . The report concludes that a DVD box set collection would be very appealing to the tourism market which consists of people that don 't know anything much about these festivals or have experienced these festivals and are very much interesting in learning more about them.

Introduction When people think of Carnival, the majority of them instantly think of Brazil and their Samba
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The tradition soon spread to other European countries including Portugal, which is how the Brazil Carnival was born. The Portuguese brought a number of slaves from Africa, which is why the carnival has a strong African influence. The Africans used masks and costumes made of feathers, bones, grass, stones, and other elements in an attempt to invoke the gods and ward off evil spirits. All these had a symbolic meaning in ancient African customs and form an integral part in the design of costumes for the modern Rio Carnival.
The Rio Carnival is celebrated over five days from Friday to the following Tuesday, known as Fat Tuesday, the day before Lent. For most Christians, Lent is a period for them to reflect on their lives and spend time communing with God. The purpose of the carnival is to have one final week of celebrations before abstinence for 40 days which ends on Easter, the day when Christ rose. The extent of the extravaganza may not have been what the church had in mind but there is no denying that the Rio Carnival is the biggest party on the planet televised to millions of homes around the

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