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Manroop Dhaliwal Mr. LaSalle Film 09 March 2016 Casablanca Movie Analysis Casablanca takes place around the time of world war II. It revolves around a few characters, Rick Blaine who is of the main characters along with llsa. Other characters such as lisa's husband Victor Laszlo, and Rick's loyal friend Sam Contribute to the movie by changing the mood and tone in some situations. The movie starts off in Rics pub in which after sometime llsa appears she was once Ricks love, but in Paris when they were both going to get out of the country due to the Germans invading it, she did not show up and from then on they never saw each until the time she walks in Rick's pub with her husband, a famous rebel Victor Lazlo. After that, Rick and llsa talk…show more content…
Whereas, it portrayed Rick in more of a sinister air with a dull kind of shadow effect on his face. We can see the lighting changes when Rick sees llsa come into his pub. They both see each other and the background of the scene turns a bit dark except for both of their faces, Ricks emotionless face leaves and the dull lighting on his face that usually is shown around him leaves and both of their characters are surrounded glow with a soft light, especially around their faces. From there we get a hint that they know each and have some sort of romantic connection. Another scene that shows us good example how lighting changes the way we feel about the movie is the part where Rick and llsa are planning to leave the country of paris and Rick is waiting at the train station for llsa to come around. However, he receives a letter saying she cannot and when he opens the letter and starts to the light is mainly focused on the letter, since it's raining the ink on the paper is starting to drip down from the paper and shows us what kind of a dark and sad moment it is for Rick, and the light makes the paper standout in the darkness making us think that it’s a very important piece of the movie. One of the best scenes in the movie is when llsa and Rick are

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