Case Study On Blima

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Shaina is a six year old child who is currently in the first grade at Bais Yakov School for girls. She indicated that it is a good school, she is learning Hebrew and English studies. Shaina reported that she has friends in school, and feels comfortable there.

Shaina indicated that both parents help her with her homework.

A mental status exam was conducted on the child. She reported that she has trouble falling asleep at night because her parents do not lock the door at night. Blima stated that she has told her parents that it “frightens” her to have the door to the home unlocked and they said nothing will “happen”. Blima stated that she has bad dreams that “scare her”, one of the dreams was of a strange man entered the home and said he was going to take her “kindle”. Blima stated when she has these dreams her parents allow her to sleep with them. She indicated that the nightmares scares her. …show more content…

Blima reported that often feels sad, but it is mostly when her sister Blima is being “mean” to her. She indicated that Blime hit her with her hand and sometimes with a big stick. She stated when Blima hits her, their mother will tell Blima to stop and give her a consequence. Shaina indicated that her father will give her sister a consequence by taking away the TV, for a

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