Case Study: The Majestic Hotel Of Rome

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The Majestic Hotel of Rome Introduction We all dream of luxurious hotel service when we travel. We all dream of the hospitality that we crave and deserve. When you book a hotel; what do you think? A jacuzzi room with a king-sized bed for the Mr. and Mrs. Maybe a room with two beds for the kids to sleep on. Here is a scenario that goes a little something like this: Imagine becoming a multi-millionaire. Better yet, imagine becoming that someone you know you’re destined to be. That person of high value and importance (which you are). That person you have been molding for many years. Then you book a room at your everyday 5-star hotel… Everything you read online sounded perfect. The setting for the room looked just right. A desk light for reading your favorite novel or working on your important documents. Just the right kind of space for your kids to sit, crawl, and or, walk on the floor. But there is one problem… The hotel service doesn’t realize how important you are. They look at you as another guest looking for an everyday bedroom hotel. They forgot to set up the bed sheets. They promised a vintage bathroom, but the bathroom was in disarray. They went from 5-star to 1 1/2-star in a matter of seconds. The biggest questions are: Do you know of a hotel that will make you feel important? A hotel that will stand out from your everyday jacuzzi room? A hotel that makes you feel important and outstanding? Read onward, my fellow reader. Palazzo Manfredi of Rome Description Palazzo

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