Caseworker Is Familiar With Kids: Case Study

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Reporter stated the following: I think the caseworker is familiar with them. Everyone is a dope head even the grandparents. I do not know about drug use around the kids. On the 5th, I went on a call. I am an investigator. On September 4th, an injury happened to the child (Jesslynn). There was word that the mom and dad were fighting. All the kids were there when the parents were fighting. The mom threw a plate at the dad. The mom missed and stuck the child (Jesslynn) in the forehead. The child was injured severely. The ambulance came and took her to Laurel Hospital. The child went to South Mississippi Medical Center. On September 4th, the child was airlifted to Batson Children Hospital (UMC) in Jackson. On the 5th, I was contacted about it by

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