Causes Of Road Accident In Malaysia

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CAUSE EFFECT ESSAY OUTLINE (Increased Rate of Road Accident in Malaysia) I. Introduction A. Hook / attention getter When economic growth, the population increased in our country and at the same time the number of people who has a vehicle also increased. The number of accident cases in Malaysia also has been increased day by day. In everyday, there had many people had died in the road accident. B. General statement According to the data that have made by Bukit Aman Traffic Unit in 2014, statistic shows that had an increased in accident cases than the data in 2013 which is 62 519 increased to 65 883 cases. C. Thesis statement Based on rating road accidents happened, there were influenced by a several factors. Legislation should give more attention so that the cases could be decrease because it will gave more effect. II. Body A. Topic sentence There are several causes that increased rate of road accidents in Malaysia. 1. Supporting point 1 Firstly, the factors that cause increased rate of road accidents in Malaysia was driver behaviour and attitudes. a. Sub- supporting point 1 Behaviour and attitudes that showed by the driver was they drive fast within the limits. So, if something bad happened there will be no time to control their vehicles. As the saying goes, “Better late than never”. b. Sub-supporting point 2 For instant, another bad habit of Malaysians driver was they do not use signal lights to make a corner or what else. This situation will endanger to other

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