Cedar Point: A Short Story

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The sun started rising on a perfect summer day. Today was October 18, 2013. I barely got out of bed and rubbing my eyes, I was tired and now annoyed at my clock for waking me up. I walked down the hall and stopped at the smell of French toast. Wait, I thought, I only have French toast on birthday mornings. Oh my gosh, I forgot it was my sister’s birthday. I rushed down the stairs trying not to wake her up. Today was the day I got to go where I had been wishing to go my whole life, Cedar Point.
The smell of French toast was strong in the air as I sneaked into the kitchen as quiet and spy-like as I could. I was planning on surprising my sister. “BOO!!” I yelled as I jumped out scaring my whole family, except my sister who I forgot was still …show more content…

I raced to the Top Thrill Dragster with my heart pounding in my chest like I was sprinting to my doom; the scary, horrible Dragster was standing tall before me. My heart was pounding hard in my chest now as my mom and I slowly entered the short line. I am a true daredevil at heart but even this started to intimidate me.
My mom usually likes rollercoasters but not the Dragster. She had tear-filled eyes as we finally reached the front of the line. We were the third car to go. After we were strapped in my mom started to feel her anxiety kick in because she was so scared. I was scared too, so it took a lot of courage to go on it.
Our car shot off really fast nearly giving me whip lash from how fast it starts off, and everyone tried to scream but too much air was rushing into our mouths. After what felt like less than a second, excitement was finding me. I felt so free so high up in the sky and being able to see everything below you. Our cart shot up at full speed and just as it reached the top; it started swooping down as fast as a bullet. As I clung tight to the sides our car rapidly raced down to the ground. To soon the rollercoaster was coming to a graceful stop. I actually enjoyed the ride that I thought was going to be my last. As I stepped off I muttered, “Can I go again?” Being the daredevil i am i had to ride it one last time before the day of excitement was

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