Cesar Chavez Si Se Puede Quotes

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Si, se Puede! “Sí, se Puede!” This quote was said by one of the most remembered Mexican-American activists. He fought for the rights of Migrant farm workers. His name was Cesar Chavez. He was a believer in nonviolence and used that to put a stop to mistreatment. According to; http://www.enchantedlearning.com/history/us/hispanicamerican/chavez/, He was a part time worker of the fields during the depression at the age of 10. From this experience he knew personally of the injustice the workers faced, from little pay, to poor and unfair working conditions. Cesar Chavez did many acts to attempt to fix these situations for future generations, such as; peaceful protests, a 36-day hunger strike, and even a 350-mile march to Sacramento. Chavez
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