Challenges Of Returning To College

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It is a scary and exciting time attending college right after high school. Learned new subjects, skills, meeting new friends, it is a life accomplishment to graduate. Life as single working mother has brought me some financial challenges and I believe returning to college will be a good personal investment. Earning a college degree is a good decision for me to be financially stable, enhance employment opportunities, and set a good example for my son. Being financially stable is my dream. I want to be able to live comfortably and afford wonderful things. Being broke all the time is frustrating, and living pay check to pay check is emotionally draining. Attaining a higher degree increases my earning potential and lowers the chances of being unemployed. …show more content…

Census Bureau reports that the median annual earnings of individuals with a bachelor’s degree is roughly twice the amount earned by individuals with only a high school diploma ($42.783 vs. $21,569)” (CareerProfiles, 2017). Having another college degree enhances my opportunities of gaining better employment and career advancements. The academic and career skills that I learn during my education, will help stand me out from other job applicants, proving to employers that I have persistence and dedication to what I do. Doing a job that I enjoy, will be satisfying and play a crucial role in overall happiness and better service to

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