Character Analysis Of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Notorious for its landmarking in uncovering the recently discovered genre, Frankenstein, an acclaimed gothic fiction novel by English writer Mary Shelley, utilizes Victor’s mental illness to transform him into the monster rather than just the creator, as reflected through his actions and thoughts. Frankenstein 's tendency to be ignorant, isolated, unjust, and disturbed in his treatment toward the monster, friends, and family; as well as the sickening thoughts in his head made known to the reader by the first-person narrative causes him to appear less human than the product of his experiment. Subsequently, Victor 's unnatural habits, desire for knowledge beyond what is morally feasible, his wretched actions and grotesque thoughts depicts him as the main villain. It becomes evident that Victor is the character most heinously affiliated through his projection of pure spite toward his creature and his actions. It is argued by many that we are born innately with good intentions, and a lot of our personality is brought out by nurture; this concept shows true in Frankenstein by the changes that the creature’s personality endures as a product of Victor 's influence. Michaud asserts the reasoning behind the creatures acts; “He does what he does because of his creator 's cruelty, because the whole humanity hates him and casts him out”(Michaud 159). It is easy to pin the victim card on Frankenstein and allow the creature to take the blame, but with closer analysis, it becomes evident
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