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Chicano Culture
Dear (Name), Last week, I read a very intriguing article about a Mexican Chicano culture and thought it would be important to let you know about it. The article described the origin, the etymology, different scenarios where the name is used, its distinction from other related cultures, different identification cultures and the social, political and cultural aspects. Chicana as the culture is also known is an identity which is chosen by a group of Americans who live in the US. The title is often used interchangeably to refer to a Mexican American. Both names have their origin from the Mexican American community. The titles have a wide range of connotations in the various parts of the country. Chicano became a widely used name for the period of the Chicano Movement where the Mexican Americans expressed their pride in their culture through shared community, cultural and ethnic identities. …show more content…

With time, the term gained more popularity and it was used more often than before. However, even after this period, many Mexican Americans viewed the term as distracting as it represented the refusal to be identified. It is for this reason that most people still find it hard to identify themselves with the term. The Mexican American culture dates back to the era of slavery where the Indian people were being colonized by the Spanish. The pro-native nature of Chicano nationalism is based on the nature of the Mexican national identity in which the culture is heavily induced in the Spanish and indigenous cultures. This is in the case where 30% are indigenous while 60% of the population and the other 0.1 being of other racial groups and the European heritage. The experience of the Mexican Americans led to the creation of the culture by culminating their

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