Chipotle Strengths And Weaknesses

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After analyzing Chipotle Mexican Grill, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will give a basic format for an improved marketing plan. Chipotle’s internal resources give way to both its strengths and weaknesses as a business. Chipotle’s greatest strength is its nontraditional use of social media in its marketing program. Chipotle’s social media strategy targeting Millennials and Generation Z has made the greatest impact through word of mouth and reference groups to consumers. Chipotle has spent much less on advertising compared to other fast food companies, only 2% of its revenue was spent on advertising (Tan, 2015). Furthermore, Chipotle has grown extensively in the past 23 years to over 2200 restaurants. The rapid growth of …show more content…

economy. Almost 99% of Chipotle’s restaurants are based in the United States (Dalavagas, 2016). While the economy in the U.S. has been relatively strong, Chipotle is dependent upon the spending of Millennials. If the economy begins to slow, then spending will decrease and Chipotle may take a hit in sales. Chipotle charges more for its products, because of its fresh local ingredients and therefore, may be impacted more than other fast casual …show more content…

Chipotle has already expanded into two new restaurants, Shophouse Kitchen and Pizzeria Locale focusing on the use of whole ingredients with humane and sustainable farming. These restaurants center on the same objectives of Chipotle and leave room for further exploration into other types of cuisine. Chipotle can expand these two restaurants throughout the United States and stay focused on its mission statement by doing so. Chipotle also has the opportunity to increase its menu from burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads to incorporate more options. The last opportunity that Chipotle has is expanding its customer base to Generation Z and possibly finding ways to acquire more non-white consumers. Chipotle already has a great start with its social media strategy, but could incorporate more content marketing into its program to further reach the Z

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