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This is the beginning of my essay. “Taken together, these have brought me great joy, through with that joy, I have also found the deepest sorrow”(Kyle pg.1). Taya was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1974. She spent her childhood in small-town, suburbs. She was trained to be a lawyer. Taya dad run a small business and her mom was a teacher by trade. And her older sister, Ashley. Marian, Taya father. Marian mother died because of illness. Marian been getting re married and been getting divorce a lot. Taya started interviewing for jobs in California. Taya met Chris a few weeks. Chris and Taya told a story how they met in American Sniper. Taya’s new boyfriend was Chris Kyle. He wanted to be a Navy Seal. So he went away to be one. He was in training school for a year. Chris Kyle came back and he wanted to talk to Taya, if he could marry him. Taya said “Yes.” So now they are engaged. Chris went all the way to Oregon, to ask Taya parents, for their bless, if Chris can marry Taya. …show more content…

When they got back from their honeymoon, they bought their own house. Taya and her husband were looking through their wedding pictures. Taya wrote a poem about his husband and she said “I give you my heart, soul, and everlasting love. I promise to be there during both laughter and tears and to protect you in the days to come. I will embrace your happiness and hold you when you are sad. I will be your biggest supporter and your constant friend. I will remind you of who you are when you forget. I will consider your happiness with every action. I will celebrate your soul and work to enrich your life as you enrich

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