Chris Mccandless Essay: Into The Wild By Chip Brown

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Into the Wild One has gone through countless years of schooling. Every weekday he/she has the same routine. He/she wakes up in the morning, sits in school for eight hours, and goes home to do their homework. Some people do like to have a routine a day. However, most kids do not like that they have to spend the majority of their beginning years on this earth at school. That is why many kids decide to take one year off a school between the end of their senior year in high school and the beginning of freshman year in college. One of those teenager’s name was Chris McCandless. Chris was a tremendous student and everyone loved him. He was twenty four years old when he decided he wanted to take a year off of school. He wanted to connect …show more content…

Brown suggests that McCandless is ignorant, selfish, and lacks wisdom. He did not live up to his parents’ standards because he only valued his own opinion. Brown proves this point by saying, “He was very near sighted” (Brown 2). This metaphor means that McCandless did not value other people’s opinions and thought his way was the only way. After reading the book, many people felt remorse for Chris. Brown felt the exact opposite. He believed people should not feel sorry for Chris because he wanted to die. He stated, “If he wanted to live, why didn’t he set a fire to attract attention? “ “Was he really injured or did he raise the semaphore of injury only because it was something a passerby could understand?” (Brown 12). Chip Brown questions whether Chris really did everything in his power to stay alive or whether he did not want any help from society. Brown thinks we should care about this because he believes too many people are giving too much credit to Chris just because he died. Chip Brown gave some really strong claims in his story and raised many questions from John Krakauer’s assessment in Into the

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