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Chronic Disease The report I choose to read on the CDC website was about arthritis, the effects of arthritis and what the public is doing to help the people who are suffering from arthritis, understand the causes of arthritis on the body and what can be done to help aid the body from any shortcomings a person might face because of arthritis. By reading the article on arthritis I found out that many people are effected by arthritis and that arthritis does not only effect elderly people but people of all ages; according to the CDC two thirds of the population that suffer from arthritis are younger then 65, which means that arthritis can effect any person no matter how young they are. The article also helped me realize that while there are many …show more content…

As I suffer from arthritis I decided to make myself a schedule to help me stay active at least 30 minutes a day, I have also been trying to understand and know how my body personally is being effected by arthritis as every person is different and is effected by Arthritis in different ways. The article also helped me grasp that there are organizations that I can join that will help me get through the hardships I face due to arthritis and help me know how to be active safely as well as how to manage my arthritis. The article also helped me recognize that the way to beat arthritis is to make sure I maintain a healthy diet in order for my joints not to have the extra strain from weight gain; I also realized that I need to talk to my doctor about my arthritis and ask more questions about the type of arthritis I have. The article got me to think about how I can help my community by trying to join an organization and donating my time to the various non profit organizations as well as bringing all the information I learned about Arthritis to my community and other organizations that are not well established and need people who are capable of donating their

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