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Chunking is taking individual pieces of information and grouping them together to create chunks of information. Chunking is believed to help people memorize information better. By organizing the stimulus input simultaneously into several dimensions and successively into a sequence of chunks, we manage to break (or at least stretch) this informational bottleneck (Miller, 1956). Breaking information into different groups helps with the recoding process. Recoding is the process of taking knowledge that is already in our memory and changing the way in which it is formatted. In a study, the experimenter studies how chess players chuck different parts of information to play the game. We discuss the possible reasons why Masters in our new study used …show more content…

Also, the greater racial background helps because each person is raised differently and a racial background can change the amount of memory storage they can obtain. For materials, we will be using a google slide (printed) with fifteen random numbers on it. The google slide will have a white background and the numbers will be black with a times new roman font at the size of 45. We planned to use a quiet classroom to help the participants be able to concentrate more,but that is not possible so we will have to accommodate for a noisy room. For the procedure, we will bring the participants in and set them at an empty table. We will show them the first chunking sheet for 20 seconds. After the 20 seconds are up, the participants will do jumping jacks for 20 seconds, but do not need to count how many they do. Once they finish doing the jumping jacks, they will need to sit back down and try to recall as many numbers in the correct order as they can. Each number that is out of order or skipped equals one point off. Next we will show them slide two that will have the numbers in chunks of threes and will repeat the same steps for slide one. We will then show them slide three which will have the numbers in chunks of fives and they will complete the same tasks as before. Each person will begin with a different slide. When the participants arrive, there will be two proxies with them. In

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