Civil Rights Reflection

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Civil Rights And Past Reflection
Equality has improved greatly ever since 1960, but frequent right issues have emerged in the present day of America. Some of which have been set, still intact by the Jim Crow Laws, now is there anyone doing something about this un-lawfully set-in stone massacre,No. Even though my teacher Mr. Brad Thoma said “ The Government have not been doing anything.”, Donald J. Trump, the 45th president has only made concepts worse, bombing Syria, building walls to block us away from Mexico, etc. But, throughout in my reflection, I have mentioned nothing that matters by which this is an assignment only securing a grade if we finish the given task is complete, that’s great and all but no one will hear our thoughts and concerns. …show more content…

Our societies needs to change, our rights for those who have lost and want to regain but can’t as a result of their rights and the laws hold them back, our leaders needs who change the Public from nice to downright selfish, self loathing and unkind, our thoughts to show the Public we care for others, we care for their safety, we care about our education but are to blind to what we need, so maybe we as the Public can find some rest with the refreshing feeling that we actually did some good by the world and just for themselves, so we could earning some sleep with our heads held high and our Leaders alongside our Public going for what matters and stopping the JIm Crow Laws staying in power over the colored and the Public’s thoughts away from the terrible accusations that might happen and focus what they can undertake to have their action affect others in the best way possible. But when I am asked these questions such as, Has equality changed? Or even, Are there lacking leaders in the present day compared to our indeed harsh and racist past? Well, my answer to those questions are, we may never change one’s opinions about ourselves, but it is to whom makes the minds of others feel welcome, and what I get out of that is that humans will never change, we will always have this mind-set to dislike others’ opinions or actions. Although we are heading towards a foreseen scary future, but remember that as long as it’s not even close to how bad our past

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