Civil War Political Failure

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The civil war is considered to be one of the darkest times in American history. More lives were lost in the war in total than in any other war the U.S has ever fought. Perhaps you say this is because the country fought itself, but the real question is, why did it? This was a country with ties of brotherhood that was built on freedom. But, it was a country that had never really solved its inherent problems that stemmed from its creation and was finally falling apart. From American creation in the constitution of a free land, the paradox of slavery would surely come back to plague the country in the events that led up and continued throughout the war. The issue of slavery is the main conflict that divided the country, but it is whether or not …show more content…

This paper has come to prove that they didn’t. With the countless senators looking for the political aspect of détente, it was the unstable state of the country that ultimately won over politics. America fell into the greatest conflict that this land has ever seen, and it was not because politics failed. Politics could not help this country that was doomed from the start. Since our inception slavery had been a mainstay off southern life and now it was slipping through their finger. Although the implementation of slavery into American life brought with it a great deal of progress, it also set us back years in terms of cohabitation. Slavery came with it a structural bond to the South that was not easily broken. The bond that led to the ultimate conflict would grow and fester through the early parts of American history, only to come to a head when we had to add more states to the Union. If politics had failed then war would have happened a long time before the Civil War. It was politics that lengthened the time between the country’s creation and its true test in civil war. Without politics there would have been many states that wanted to become slave states decades before they would have in the real system. With the imbalance of slave states there would have been people growing up in slavery-stricken states and the country would have become more politically in favor of slavery. This would have led to the slave states gaining more and more power within the political spheres due to more and more people growing up in slave states. This could have very well lead to the entire country being made up of solely slave states without the war. So, it just goes to show that politics did not

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