Importance Of Class Attendance Essay

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University Classes Attendance is not Mandatory University classes are taking an important part of the educational process, because it is the place where the student gets the varied scientific knowledge and information. Therefore, most of universities considered that the attendance is mandatory for the student to graduate. Each university has its own regulations for absence and the number of periods allowed for absence. Furthermore, if the student exceeds a certain amount of periods, he will fail. Attendance at university classes should not be mandatory for two reasons: the student can take responsibility, and it will solve the problem of traffic congestion. The first reason is that the students can take the responsibility of their absences. In fact, students at this age are assumed to be conscious and aware of their own interests. Furthermore, they will not need to be forced to attend any class because of the development of technology. Technology also made finding any information an easy task so the students won’t have any problem looking for the information of any subject or contact the instructor any time. The second reason is to solve traffic congestion. When the students are not forced to attend the different classes, the number of cars that are out there on the roads will decrease especially on the roads that lead to…show more content…
Some state that it is because the class starts too early while others admit that it is a boring class. Robert, Jr. (2007) argues that for class attendance to have the most academic value, students and teachers should be actively engaged and students accomplish little academically if they only come to class to socialize, complete work for other classes or sleep. On the other hand, some students miss classes for unavoidable circumstances like illness, family emergencies, or transportation problems. All these obstacles should be taken into consideration in order to stop grading
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