Cobi Language Learning Essay

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CoBI is related to Krashen’s “Monitor Model”. Krashen (1982) emphasized ways of decreasing learner anxiety, such as providing interesting texts as well as meaningful activities, which were comprehensible to learners, and CoBI had the following essential features: “learning a language through academic content, engaging in activities, developing proficiency in academic discourse and fostering the development of effective learning strategies” (Crandall, 1999). Content-Based Instruction is based on three main theories of language and four teaching models. Three main theories of language are: “language is text and discourse-based,” “language use draws on integrated skills,” and “language is purposeful” (Crandall, 1999). Four teaching models are…show more content…
It is one of the recent and more promising approaches. It is an approach for learning content along with foreign language as medium of instruction. It refers to teaching subjects such as science, history and geography to students in other language rather than native language. CLIL is a method that uses CoBI with greater focus on language learning. It provides effective opportunities for students to use their new language skills now , rather than using later. It provides exposure to the new language without requiring extra time in curriculum. CLIL teaching has been practiced for many years when bilingual education was introduced in schools around the world. Even we are unaware of the term CLIL, we may already been using CLIL methodology for many years. CLIL has been called education through construction, rather than instruction. It is based on language acquisition rather than enforced learning. Fluency is given more importance than accuracy. It promotes critical thinking and collaboration skills and language competence. CLIL does not only offer better learning conditions, it also offers good quality linguistic
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