Clif Bar Case Study: One Smooth Stone Company

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Clif bar was founded in California of 1992 and has expanded exceptionally well since then. Clif bar CEO Kevin Cleary told the Times-News that, “Our belief is that people are the core of our company,”(Goodell, 2016). With people as the main focus of the company is it easy to understand why people who work at Clif Bar absolutely love their job and what they do for themselves and the consumers. Clif offers many working life benefits to their committed and fun time employees. A few benefit include, Insurance, Health and Wellness Benefits, Financial and Retirement, Family and Parenting, Vacation and Time-off, Perks and Discounts, and finally Professional Support (Clif Bar Employee Benefits and Perks, n.d). Along with their five core values such as Sustaining Our Business, Sustaining Our Brand, Sustaining Our People, Sustaining Our Communities and finally Sustaining The Planet (SOURCE4). Overall the company 's main…show more content…
While at first you could say that they company culture seem like a clan culture, I would say that is incorrect. While the assumption is reasonable since the One Smooth Stone organization is a very close knit group, they are more closely aligned with Adhocracy culture. The easiest way that you can tell this is by looking at their untraditional business structure. In the video, they discuss how the organization is very liberal in how it functions. One of the One Smooth Stone leaders explains how business teams are never set in stone and personal are interchangeable with what is best suited for their customer’s needs (EIUCaseStud, 2013) . He also make it a point to mention how these team have almost complete creative freedom to do projects in the way they see fit as long as it meets or exceeds the customer’s needs (EIUCaseStud, 2013). This level of individual freedom and creative is textbook example of how a company with an adhocracy culture runs
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