Clinical Depression Causes

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Clinical depression is a complex condition and symptoms can vary greatly from patient to patient. To complicate matters even more, it can be difficult to imagine what depression is like if you have never experienced it firsthand. Despite these issues, there are a few hallmarks and common symptoms of depression that can help you identify a possible case in yourself, a friend or family member. For good or ill, the quality and dynamics of your relationship will either encourage, support, and help build you up - or it will drag you down and lead you further down the path toward depression and low self esteem. If your partner is loving, respectful, and supportive, you are more likely to experience a positive benefit. Multiple sclerosis can cause conflicting emotions and depression is the worst. When certain segment of the brains or nervous systems is affected by multiple sclerosis, …show more content…

Mild depression is often characterized by anxiety, obsessive thoughts or actions, lack of interest in activities that the person used to enjoy, mood swings, and a general blue mood. Changes in your lifestyle, diet, relaxation practices, a regular amount of sleep, and supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals can improve the symptoms of mild depression and help you get your life back. Another cause of depression can be the emotional pain felt after losing a loved one. In many cases the loss can be very traumatic. Some depression is brought on after years of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In addition, many cases of depression are given birth by substance abuse, rather it be drugs or alcohol. Common factors causing the coma include pulmonary infections, cerebrovascular accidents, congestive heart failure, trauma, surgery and not taking prescribed thyroid medications. Certain drugs used to treat anxiety and depression also can cause the disease in patients with hypothyroidism. The coma is often seen in hypothyroid patients who have been hospitalized for other medical

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