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Depression is a common disease worldwide, affecting more than 300 million people. Depression differs from normal mood swings and short-lived emotions, in response to the challenges of everyday life. Depression can become a serious health condition, especially when it is long-term and with moderate or severe intensity. Depression can cause great suffering to the person who is affected, and poor performance at work, school or in the family. And at worst can lead to suicide. Some people with depression experience only one period of depression, but in most patients the symptoms of depression recur and last a lifetime.

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Diagnosis of depression
Doctors and therapists ask questions about mood and thoughts during regular therapy sessions. Sometimes, the patient is asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help them detect symptoms of depression. When doctors suspect that the patient is suffering from depression, they conduct a series of medical and psychological tests. These tests help to refute the possibility of other diseases that can cause symptoms, which help to diagnose and detect other complications related to the condition.
Tests for diagnosis of depression : Physical Examination, Laboratory tests, Psychological assessment
Ways to treat depression:
It is very important that the patient has an active role in the treatment of depression. By cooperating and working together, the doctor (or the therapist) can decide, together with the patient, which type of depression is best and best suited to the patient's condition, taking into account the symptoms and severity of the symptoms, the patient's personal choice, the ability to pay for the treatment of depression, Other. However, there are cases where depression is so difficult that it is imperative for a doctor, someone close or other, to follow the treatment and control of depression closely until the patient recovered

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