Closing Reflection

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Closing Reflections Entering the Online Educational Leadership Program at Arkansas State University at Jonesboro is one of the most preeminent decisions I have made in my life. Before I began this program, I had put off going back to school for a number of years. I have always made an excuse not to go, however I have always wanted to be in a leadership position. I have always taken on the characteristics of a leader. When I decided to go back to school, my mind was made up and I was determined to start and follow through with my decision. I began taking classes in October of 2014. I took two classes every session while working a full time job and taking care of my family among other responsibilities. I give God all the glory for helping …show more content…

I was invited to participate in administrative meetings, grade level meetings, and sit on the panel for interviews. I was given the opportunity to conduct classroom walk-throughs and observations during evaluations. During this time I have been asked step into the role of the assistant principal when he was not at school. I have learned the importance of effective leadership. Effective leadership is essential to the success of the school. If the leadership is not effective the school will not be successful. I realize that leadership can be shared. As an administrator, I can distribute leadership to others in the school that are a part of the leadership team, such as the academic coach, counselor or lead teachers. I have learned that an administrative should always be honest, fair, trust worthy, open minded, and lead by example. As an administrator, my purpose is to improve the quality of teaching and learning process to improve student achievement. I must have a vision that is communicated to the faculty, staff, students, and parents. The goal should be to provide students with the best education possible and I must have the support of the parents and the

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