Pathogenic Bacteria Research Paper

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Antimicrobial Activity of Three Medicinal Plant Extracts from Duba Province Tabuk, Saudi Arabia on some Human Pathogenic Bacteria

Abstract: Three seed extracts of coffee (Coffea arabica), black cumin (Nigella sativa), and date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) plants were purchased from local market in Duba province, west Saudi Arabia were assayed for the in vitro antibacterial activity against three human pathogenic bacteria viz Klebsiella pneumoniae, Psuedomonas sp, and Escherichia coli using hole plate diffusion method. The result revealed that some ethanolic and hot water extracts had shown antibacterial activities against the three bacterial strains under investigation.
Key words: plant extracts, coffee, black cumin, date palm, bacteria.
In recent times, there have been increases in antibiotic resistant strains of clinically important pathogens, which have led to the emergence of new …show more content…

They were purchased from a local market in Duba province, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The plant seeds were brought to the laboratory and thoroughly washed in distilled water and dried in shade in room temperature then stored in a plastic zip bag in 4°C until use.

Plant Extracts Preparation:
Plant seeds were finely grinded to powder by using a blender. A total of 20 g from each plant seed powder were weighted in beakers and mixed with 5 ml 95% ethanol for 5 minutes for surface sterilization and left for 10 minutes under Hood to evaporate the traces of alcohol.

Preparation of hot water extracts: 20 g from each bark powder was surface sterilized and mixed with 100 ml sterilized water and placed in water path for 90 minutes at 100ºC, and then filtered through 3 layers of sterilized cheese cloth. The products were kept in a refrigerator at 4 ºC until needed for testing their bacterial

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